Ask a Missionary Book

Ask a Missionary: Time-Tested Answers from Those Who've Been There

Paperback book: 224 pages
Publisher: IVP Books

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"This book is like having a dozen missionary friends at your side, coaching you with kindness and clarity. Who knew wisdom could be so encouraging?"

Steve Hawthorne
Co-editor Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

"Want real advice from real people who've been there and know how best to answer what you are asking? This book has it. I will use this as a reference to help me--and many others--for years to come."

Scott Moreau
Professor at Wheaton College
Editor Evangelical Missions Quarterly


If you're exploring doing something extraordinary for the glory of God among the nations, Ask A Missionary brings clarity and answers for a journey into missions. Because they've been there, over one hundred missionaries including Elisabeth Elliot, Phyliss Kilbourn, Bill Stearns, George Verwer, and Jack Voelkel share their insightful wisdom and practical advice on everything from making the decision to go, to stepping into a new life once on the field and everything in between.

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