Question about Mission Agencies for missionaries:

"Why do sending agencies require missionaries to be members or active in a local church?"

"The agency needs to know you have a track record."

Answer from Justin, who served in both France and Morocco with Pioneers, and is now recruiting and training new missionaries as well as helping local churches develop their own mission strategies.

Mission agencies don't know you from Adam. So they look to your church. Your church should know whether you are a godly person, whether you are trustworthy, and how you have engaged in ministry. The agency will rely on the testimony of your church to know whether they should send you to represent Christ.

Your church is also likely going to be the major financial support for you if you do become a missionary. It's hard to raise support without a sending church. Similarly, it's hard to get organized prayer behind you and bombarding the dark places of this world without a sending church supporting you, holding the ropes emotionally, financially, and spiritually for you.

Many mission agencies are passionate about church planting. If you're not a part of a church, you're probably not going to be a good church planter.

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