Mission Events & Courses

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Consider weekend retreats to deepen your relationship with Jesus and explore how you could become a missionary.

A list of missions events, primarily those in North America, is compiled by Missions Catalyst. Mission courses and events in the UK are listed by the UK world mission information service, OSCAR. Both also list some global events. Subscribe to the Brigada Today e-newsletter to read about upcoming events soon after they are announced.

For missions conferences with thousands of attendees and many agencies look at:

Training and Courses

General Missions Education

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, provided by the U.S. Center for World Mission in cooperation with local churches, is a semester-long course offered in many cities across the U.S. and around the world. Also available online and in week-long intensives.

Two courses with similar content and purposes are Kairos and Pathways to Global Understanding.

Kingdom Expansion 101, provided by DualReach, is a six-session online intro-to-missions course designed with church mission leaders and volunteers in mind. You can work through it individually or with a group.

Operation Worldview, from Mission ONE, includes eight one-hour mission education sessions for churches and small groups.

Other small group studies include:

Focused on Muslims

Missionary Training Courses

Some people who want to serve cross-culturally go to Bible school and/or seminary first, though this is not always necessary. For various perspectives on what kind of training missionaries need, see the training section of AskaMissionary.

Graduate or undergraduate degrees in missions (sometimes known as intercultural, international, or global studies) are available from schools such as these:

Several excellent ministries provide intensive courses in language and culture acquisition techniques, conflict management, and other key aspects of missionary preparedness. Check out the options available from:

Additional training programs include these three:

A growing number of mission agencies and networks provide programs that function as internships or apprenticeships, blending training and field experience. Some good examples:

Many missionaries profit from Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops. These workshops are designed to equip participants with skills in building community, managing relationships and navigating the conflict and stress inherent in cross-cultural ministry.

Raising Support

Many get training in support raising from the ministries which they are joining, and/or read a book, but specialized training from an organization focused on the process can be very helpful as well. Here are a few good places to look:

Professional Skills and Tentmaking

Global Opportunities offers seminars, conferences, and courses in using your professional skills overseas.

BAM Training offers introduction to business as mission courses, annual conferences, and related resources.

Global Enterprise Network is a ministry of The Navigators which equips Christians for missional business in cross-cultural contexts.

NexusB4T has an annual Open B4T (busienss for transformation) Expo where you can connect with other kingdom-minded professionals.

Crisis Response Training

Going into a dangerous situation? Someone in your group may want to get specialized training from Crisis Consulting International or Fort Sherman Academy. Learn how to survive a hostage crisis, manage public relations in times of crisis, and more. Online courses are now available as well.