Question about Funding for missionaries:

"Should missionaries have life insurance? We are trusting God to care for us, but is it also wise to have an insurance policy to provide for our kids if something happened to us?"

"Yes, missionaries should have life insurance."

Answer from Carol in Cyprus, who has served with TWR - Trans World Radio; in The Caribbean, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Cyprus for 30 years.

As missionaries, we do trust God to provide well for all our needs. That said, we also need to be wise, prepare for the future, and provide for our families. We are to be good stewards of all God gives us, and when he gives us families - a spouse and children, we need to steward them well.

Raising a small amount extra each month to cover a life insurance policy is something I believe God will honor, and no donor I know of would think it’s out of place to add that cost as a part of your support needs package.

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