Question about Professional Skills for missionaries:

"What training do you recommend for a future tentmaker?"

"Build a foundation for language and culture learning, translation, discipleship, and church planting."

Answer from Thomas, who has served with Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission) in the U.S. for sixteen years.

New Tribes Mission has a cutting-edge, two-phase training program:

1. The Ethnos360 Bible Institute studies progressively through the Word of God. Translation, church planting, and discipleship all require a thorough understanding of the Bible.

2. Their Missionary Training Center will help you build a foundation for learning language, culture, and more without forcing western concepts and styles.

Ethnos360's training program is well tested and highly recommended.

"Get TESL certification and an intro to sociology and linguistics."

Answer from Gene in Thailand.

1. Get TESL (or equivalent) certification. You will never lack for tentmaking opportunities!
2. Get a good introduction to both sociology and linguistics, preferably from an accredited university.

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