Question about Singles/Families for missionaries:

"As the wife of a medical professional, where would I fit in medical missions? How could we find a placement that fits both of us?"

"All you need is a willing heart."

Answer from David, an oral surgeon who served in Africa for ten years and has now been in Asia for four years.

There are just too many opportunities in the field for spouses married to health care professionals. You can help national institutions in many areas of need that are not related to health. You can also get involved in helping the local believers in areas in which you are gifted. There are also many areas that you could be involved in developing communities. All you need is a willing heart to serve.

"Wives can serve many ways."

Answer from Cynthia Hale, who served in Nepal under the United Mission to Nepal.

In my experience, a woman can use her home for ministry. The children can also join in for ministry. You don't have to have a position. But if you wish to hold down a job, many missions are open to that as well.

"Raise the next generation."

Answer from Harold, who served in three Ethiopian hospitals over thirty years performing more than 25,000 operations.

Raising the next generation of missionaries is underrated! Some of the best missionaries come from the environment where the wife and mother recognized that her role was taking good care of the children and teaching them scripture. Demonstrating the Christian family in an overseas situation is a very needed area of involvement.

Women and children's ministries also abound.

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