Question about Guidance for missionaries:

"Will I have to give up my hobbies and interests, or can they be used in missions?"

"Your interests are another tool that may open doors for ministry and relationships."

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A young couple shares a story about how even the most obscure interests or hobbies can become a tool on the mission field.

"Anything can be used on the mission field!"

Answer from Kim in Florida, who has served in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Absolutely, you can use your talents and hobbies on the mission field because they're a gift from God! I never thought that my skills could be used on the mission field, but I was surprised when God called me to use them. It helped to get some well needed sponsors for the school where I was working.

Also, it's a good way to reach out to new Christians. There's no better way in my opinion to connect with a nonbeliever than through a common interest. It can open up so many doors for you to spread God's Word.

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