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Discernment and Motivation

Eight Ways to Know God's Will, and Three Things to Do about It, by Paul Borthwick (adapted from How to Be a World Class Christian; Urbana). While there is no formula for knowing God's will, here are some of the things he uses to show you the big picture.

The Missionary Call: How to Be Sure You Don't Have One, by Joseph Conley (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Do you have a call? Do you need one? Four spiritual checkpoints to help pursue God regardless.

Goer or Sender? Find Your Role in God's Plan (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Just as surely as God calls some to go, he calls others to stay. And what he desires most of all is your obedience.

Knowing God's Will, by Robert B. Munger (Into Thy Word). The call of Jesus is first and always to himself, to walk with him and be at his side. His first call is not to a particular mission or movement. Rather, he says, "Follow me."

An Exploration of the Missionary Call, by Robertson McQuilkin (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers. Adapted from a chapter in The Great Omission). God is calling, but many of us are distracted and unable to hear.

Hatch or Go Bad: On Being a World Christian, by David Bryant (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers. Originally published in World Christian Magazine). A call to say yes to God and his purposes.

Motivations for Missions, by Nate Wilson (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Six ways of looking at the big picture of God's global purposes.

An Unbalancing Act: World Evangelization, by Justin Raby (Urbana). More Christians must make it their ambition to preach the gospel in places where Christ has not been named.

Are Those Who Haven't Heard Really Lost? by Robertson McQuilkin (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers. Adapted from a chapter in The Great Omission). How many are lost? Is it fair? Is it loving? What happens if nobody goes to them?

Obstacles and Challenge Points

Distraction: The Great Disqualifier, by Greg Fritz (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Why is it that so many good intentions are never realized? Don't be distracted; plan.

Distractions: Persevere through the Obstacles, by George Parson, John Hannah, and Kathi DeCanio (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Don't be sidelined as you seek to live for God's global purpose.

Dysfunctional Families: Going into Missions from a Wounded Background, by Timothy Boyd and Brent Lindquist (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). A disproportionate number of those going into missions come from wounded backgrounds and want to help others. Understand how to recognize and seek healing for those wounds.

When God Says "Go!" and Parents Say, "No!" by Joan C. and Eddie Gibbs (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). The testimony of a Korean-American girl whose parents opposed her involvement in missions.

What to Do When Parents Say No (The Traveling Team). More than a dozen helpful suggestions for understanding and responding to parental objections.

When Family Objects, by Rebecca Hickman (The Traveling Team). Finding ways to honor your parents while following what you believe to be God's will. Includes lessons from the life of John Mott.

The Church Factor: How Crucial Is It? by Karen Meehan (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Understand why you need to be involved in the local church.

The Local Church: Failure, Foe, or Friend in the Great Commission? by Paul Borthwick (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). There are plenty of problems in the local church, but it doesn't give any of us the freedom to avoid the local church to do our own thing.


Raising Support: Right Up There on the Fear Meter with Martyrdom, by Anna McShane (Thrive Connection). Deals with obstacles to raising personal support which many face; addresses today's dynamics of ministry funding.

Generating Personal Financial Support, by Tim Herbert (Syzygy Missions Support Network). Brief article touches on approaches to trusting God for provision in challenging times.

Support Raising: I Don't Want to Raise Support, by Steve Shadrach (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). While doubts and fears are normal, five keys can help you raise your personal support.

Support Raising Made Practical, by Rebecca Hickman (The Traveling Team). Practical ABC's for getting started with your support raising.

Eighteen Barrels and Two Big Crates, by Roger Greenway (Mission Frontiers). Classic article on how and why having too much stuff gets in the way of our witness; the case for living with less on the field.

Debt: Can It Hinder You from Being Obedient? by Amy Prange (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers. Adapted from an article in World Christian Magazine). Includes ways to stay out of debt, get out debt, and make the most of the time it takes you to repay it.

Student Debt: A Hurdle too High for "Impact" Missionaries, by Ben Sells (Mission Frontiers). Why we can't afford to let student debt hinder young would-be missionaries, and suggestions for how to avoid it.

Commitment to a Wartime Lifestyle, by Ralph Winter (Mission Frontiers). Makes the case that obedience to the Great Commission has more consistently been poisoned by affluence than by anything else.

Sending: It's More Than Sending Money, by Kathi DeCanio (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Explore the many ways you can contribute to world evangelization by sending others.

Mission Agencies

Do I Really Need to Join a Mission Organisation? (Syzygy Mission Network). Considerations on a question many are asking.

How Do I Choose the Right Mission Organisation? (Syzygy Mission Network). Top tips on finding the right organization, a choice crucial to the fruitfulness of your ministry.

Choosing the Right Mission Agency: Five Things to Consider (BAMedu.com). Key areas to explore in finding a fit for yourself.

Mission Agencies: How Do I Choose One? by James Rutz (Mission Issues Articles, Pioneers). With hundreds of agencies, how to you chose? Areas to explore and questions to ask.

Going It Alone (Syzygy Mission Network). Advice for those who are going without significant support from a sending agency.

Is This the Team for Me? by Ellen Livingood (Catalyst Services). Prospective missionaries often invest considerable time and effort in choosing the right mission agency. But joining the right team may be even more important.

Choosing Sending Partners: Agency Services, by Ellen Livingood (Catalyst Services). What services should an agency provide? Article describes ten areas where agencies should provide added value.

Singles and Family

Single Missionary Issues: Loneliness, by Ronald Koteskey (Missionary Care). Part of a collection of articles about issues singles in missions often face.

Must Singles Be Lonely? Advice for the Mission Field, by Nairy Ohanian (Urbana). Truths about loneliness and strategies for navigating it when living single on the field.

World Christian Love Life, by Roberta Winter (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). Want to live as a world Christian? Be intentional about who (and how) you date.

The Missionary Soul Mate: Simultaneous Waiting and Preparation, by Nairy Ohanian (Urbana). Characteristics to look for in a mission-minded dating partner.

Missionary Marriage Issues, by Ron Koteskey (Missionary Care). Cross cultural living has many challenges. If you add to that mix marriage, it can get really complicated and interesting.

Here Am I, Send My Sister, by Paul Fleming (The Traveling Team). What is it that attracts the women in the mission field in such great numbers compared to men?

Women in Missions, by Marguerite Kraft and Meg Crossman (The Traveling Team). Brief overview of women in missions, today and historically.

Toddlers on the Move, by Lisa McKay (OSCAR). Thoughts on helping toddlers and young kiddos cope better with a massive change like an overseas move.

What Missionaries Ought to Know about Aging Parents, by Ronald Koteskey (Missionary Care). Being from home can increase the tensions and struggles anyone might face in caring for aging parents.


Mission Training (Preparing to Go). If you are serious about serving long-term in missions, start investing a portion of your time in activities that will help prepare you for mission service.

Can God Really Use Me? (Syzygy Network). In a world where it seems everyone needs to be highly qualified, can God use anyone?

The Best Years of Your Life, by Janet Norem (Mission Issue Articles, Pioneers). How to make the most of your college years.

Are You at a Disadvantage without Formal Language Training? by Josh Frazier (OSCAR). Some options for informal training as a language learner.

Using Your Professional Skills

God Means Business: An Introduction to Business as Mission, by Mats Tunehag (YWAM Business as Mission Resource Team). Eight-page booklet serving as an introduction to business as mission.

Business as Mission: Building a Movement that Can Bring Lasting Societal Transformation, by Mats Tunehag (Lausanne Movement). An analysis of this growing global movement.

Other Articles about Missions

Several websites that host collections of articles (including some of those also listed above):

Business as Mission articles and papers. A curated list of articles, research, and case studies related to the growing BAM movement.

Online Articles (The Traveling Team). More than 50 articles are chosen to inspire and inform the reader about mission topics. Includes some articles by missionary heroes of past generations.

Missionary Care Brochures (Missionary Care). About 100 articles on mental health topics, some of them also available in downloadable ebooks.

OSCAR Feature Articles (OSCAR). The UK mission information source publishes articles on various topics every month.